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    Apr 1st 2016: Le Poulpe, Reignier (FR)

    More gigs to be announced. Stay tuned on our social network pages !

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    The Band

    Having a good time is what it’s all about.

    That’s what guitarists Florian & Sam understood from the incredible performance of ZZ Top in their hometown Geneva, june 10th 2009.

    After releasing an Ep «Mjöllnir» in 2007 and a first album «12» in may 2009, both based on nervous and energetic metal riffs, they naturally slipped back to their roots, the Blues !

    Summer 2011, Laos Etxemendi of Gojira, jumps in to produce Helmut’s 2nd album «XI IX XI». Based on dirty bluesy riffs, the guitars are supported by metal dominants on drums and vocals.

    The band got to a quite unique sound and style that brought them to live performances in places such as Switzerland, France, Germany & Nepal. Summer 2012, Helmut is chosen by world famous Waken Open Air festival to be the Swiss selection.

    Months of intense touring defined the blues influences even clearer, and by X-mas 2012, Helmut & vocalist go separate ways.

    At the Crossroads, reborn as a quartet, Helmut goes back to work and grows itself to a heavier, dirtier and rawer melodic blues, by replacing the screaming with singing vocals.

    On November 13th 2015, Helmut will proudly deliver its 3rd album to Tenacity Music, and hit the road for some fun.

    Let’s meet there & have a bavarian beer !



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